Costa Rican Real Estate Market Update: Why Costa Rica Is Recession Resistant

Costa Rican Real Estate Market Revision: Reasons Costa Rica Is Recession Hardy

The U.S. economic down-turn seems to spell terrible news for the Costa Rican real estate market. But the very same factors that negatively affect the U.S. real estate market will actually enhance the cost of Costa Rican real estate, and still make the market recession resistant. Costa Rica Real Estate is Stabe Here’s why:

1. Steady Real Estate Market – U.S. buyers, pissed off with existing market situation at home, are shopping for a different market to invest in. Most U.S. real estate buyers are fairly uncomfortable with investing abroad, and have historically avoided it. Though, given Costa Rica’s friendliness toward foreign purchase, its history of stability, and geographic proximity, buyers have found an alternative market that meets their needs.

2. Second Homes That Maintain Their cost – Many of the second homes located in the U.S. have limited worth in poor fiscal times. They lack a lot of of the features that provide worth to first homes, like proximity to opportunities, colleges, and transportation. They also have imperfect cost in the rental market. Whilst a fishing log cabin in the middle-of-nowhere has individual charm to its landlord, it’s not the travel spot of option for the masses. Second homes in the U.S. have historically been a way to splurge money, not earn it. Vacation properties in Costa Rica have the ‘unique location factor’ that drives throngs of snow-weary vacationers to use their vacation trips, and capital, within the land.

3. Comparatively Economical Airfare – The ever-increasing costs connected with international are reducing the amount of vacation trips Americans take far abroad. Prices of airfare to Costa Rica remain relatively low, given its short space from most of the U.S. So while far-flung travel spots suffer, Costa Rica remains a viable option. So viable, in fact, that citizens find flying here more economically feasible than driving cross-country on holiday.

4. Inferior Costs of Eating and Services – An encourage in fuel costs directly relates to higher prices for foodstuff and merchandise. This, in turn, raises the cost of services offered by the people who consume the food and consume the commodities produced and shipped with petroleum. While it may cost slightly more to fly to Costa Rica than a holiday destination in the U.S., the cost of foodstuff, services, and enjoyment is so a good deal less in Costa Rica that a more indulgent vacation can be had for much less capital.

5. Favorable Exchange Rate – While the increase of the Euro continues to make European vacation expensive for U.S. tourists, the dollar still rules in Costa Rica. The constructive exchange rate, combined with widespread acceptance policies, means tourists prefer Costa Rica over European destinations, funneling a good deal of the vacation traffic from Europe to Costa Rica.

6. All of the Above – The actual financial woes in the U.S. contain been described as the ‘perfect storm’. Each person issue would never slow the financial system down by by itself, yet when presented together, the sum of the trouble is indeed greater than its parts. Yet these issues combine to make the perfect occasion for those willing to look a bit further than the borders of their preceding real estate investment experience.

If you are exploring for a depression resistant alternative to investment in U.S. real estate, look at costa rica real estate beachfront and aren’t afraid of trying something a bit different from your standard fare, Costa Rica may be the market you’ve been shopping for. Turn-key real estate investment scenarios, operate to eliminate the main stumbling blocks that present themselves when investing abroad, providing a powerful marketing program, brand recognition, clear title, a responsible administration program, and does away with doubts about maintenance and gathering up rental income.

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